Why Bush and Noble is your Best Choice during this Covid Situation!

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  • 08/02/2021

The pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on most of us due to the sudden need for self-isolation from the outside world to ensure our well-being and our loved ones' safety. Some of us have enjoyed this time by spending it with our families, whereas some had to spend this time with challenges due to the isolation. Since isolation has been mandatory, we have a better way to spend this time, be it with your family or friends, making the time worthwhile. You can simply stay far away from the virus, concerns as well as the contaminated environment to ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones by still providing your comfort. But the real question that now arises is HOW? 

WE SAY YACHTS, Yes, you read that right!

Yachts are a new trend emerging among the people for better safety and comfort. Given the continuing confusion regarding the pandemic of COVID-19, the launch of the yachting season is just around the corner. For many yachtsmen around the world, their minds gravitate towards the sea. For others, that implies navigating modern social distancing practices while they make their yachts for launch. And for others, that brings with it the prospect of purchasing a new vessel. That's why we are here at the Bush and Noble to get you the best yachts from all around the globe with the best offers available. Our team will ensure that you get the best customer service possible while buying, selling, and chartering yachts, irrespective of your yachting needs and preferences.


During this pandemic, life has slowed down due to hard and fast restrictions of the deadly virus. That's why despite all the markets slowing down, we still serve you at our best by availing the best facilities available and taking all the required measures before acquiring and delivering the yachts. With over 30 years of practice and experience, Bush & Noble has been a globally recognized and experienced Yacht Dealership. We have delivered vessels in more than 41 countries and officially list a fleet of over 70 luxury customizable yachts.

We are both versatile and adaptive in our business. Along with the brokerage, we offer charter consultancy, helping you plan and spend quality time with your loved ones in the best available offers provided with the help of our highly qualified Yacht Charter Consultant. In case you are a Yacht enthusiast, our services for building a new yacht are open, too, with a complete personalization and customization feature available, providing the boat with a personal touch of your creativity and vision. Finally, our expert ownership advice is always general at the go, from the best assistants having great experience of the industry to make your stay during this pandemic a pleasant one with your loved ones.


Yachts are expensive and are a mark of SELF-ESTEEM & RESPECT. We value all these notions, and as a result, we are always adapting ourselves to our customers' needs. Owning a yacht, or at least living on one provided by Bush and Noble, would not only provide privacy but also relieve stress and make you feel you're living in a home from home.


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