1991 Lowlands Yachts BV Custom

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  • 27/01/2021

A beautiful yacht is all it takes for an adventurer to live their life to the fullest. Luxurious as well as unique, a vessel is a mark of grandeur and success. This blog features the traditional themed 1991 Lowlands Yacht BV. A white beauty, it is one of the majestic and grand private yachts available in the country. Both spacious as well as comfortable, it is a piece of modern-day marvel. It is an eccentric custom made yacht designed by De Vries Lentsch. It comes with four cabins, four berths, and six heads. The plush cabins with state of the art technology will cater to all your needs and make you feel at home.


Accompanied by a modular kitchen and spacious restrooms, it is an engineering marvel for all yacht lovers out there. All the rooms and cabins are upgraded to meet the state-of-the-art needs and ensure our clients' satisfaction. It is also accoutered with all necessary aspects like bedding, air conditioning, ventilation, and multiple lounge access. Powered by two upgraded MTU 12V 396TB84 engines, it can clock speed up to 24 knots and makes your dream of cruising the sea come true. It is elevated and painted to match the modern-day needs of our customers. It is bound to make you feel content with vinyl carpet flooring and give you a tranquil feeling.


This yacht also comes bundled with multiple features and services. Apart from a gaming room, basic amenities like computers, printers, drawers, and modular work tables will help you get your work done while you enjoy the luxuries in your yacht. The bedrooms are modernized to make your sleep peaceful as well as appeal to your luxurious self. The music system, fire alarms, dishwashers, and a load of other features will help you smoothly sail through and make your life much easier aboard the yacht. We are also well aware of your security needs and have installed Security locks and theft alarms in all secured places. This will ensure your peace of mind while you enjoy the enticing yacht.


Most importantly, this yacht is designed and upgraded, keeping in mind the modern generation's needs. The plush cabins, berths, and heads are designed and decorated in such a way that will provide you the ultimate level of satisfaction and comfort. The appealing features will help you to relax and enjoy your time on the yacht. This is done keeping in mind the everyday stress that you may feel. Our ship will help you seek the solace and spirituality you need away from the noisy atmosphere. This is why we promote maximum viewing so that you get to see what you are paying for. Your experience aboard the majestic 1991 Lowlands Yacht BV will help you make a sound decision and will make you feel sated. Please get in touch with us today and let us make your dream of owning a yacht come true.

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